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Psychological Evaluation San Diego

Treatment, Consultation, and Pre-Surgical Evaluations

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Psycological Evaluations


Cognitive abilities or impairments after stroke or brain injury
Elder competency issues
Elder level of care needs
Memory and other functional cognitive impairments
Dementia and related impairment concerns
Pre-surgical psychological clearance / readiness
Academic testing accommodation needs
Cognitive & intellectual (IQ) level
Learning disabilities & disorders
Attention deficit disorders

Psychological Evaluations

When should treating doctors refer out for psychological or neuropsychological evaluation?
Formal psychological / neuropsychological testing & evaluation services can be helpful in the differential diagnosis of mental health conditions when patient history & symptoms are inconsistent as to diagnosis, or if multiple diagnostic possibilities compete, overlap, & cloud the clinical picture.

Formal evaluations can be helpful in developing effective treatment plans when patients have been tried on various medications / psychotherapy, but have still not progressed in treatment, have regressed, continue to be symptomatic, or show variable & changing symptoms during treatment.

In patients with known medical, physical, neurological or other complicating conditions, formal evaluations may benefit both patient and provider in making well-informed decisions regarding treatment.

When dementia-like, or other related symptoms raise issues of competency & level of care needs.

Formal evaluations also help provide good practice risk management.