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About Dr. Whitehead

Dr Whitehead

Dr. Whitehead brings a wide range of experience and insight to his evaluation services. He has been both an employee and employer, manager and worker, supervisor and supervisee. He has also derives special insight from working in the worlds of industrial and organizational psychology.

Dr Whitehead

Prior to becoming licensed as a psychologist in 1994, Dr. Whitehead served as a Naval Officer, serving on USS Kitty Hawk, at Fleet Training Center San Diego, Military Sealift Command Far East, and Naval Control of Shipping Office Long Beach.

Utilizing special skills developed during his military service, he worked in the fields of military logistics, industrial psychology and organizational psychology, providing a wide variety of analytical and project development services in the defense sector. He worked developing specialized military training programs and applications for the United States Marine Corps, United States Navy, United States Army, and United States Air Force. Projects included development of training standards for a variety of United States Marine Corps military occupational specialties, pilot training program development for the Advanced Tactical Fighter (F-22 Raptor), and the development of operational task standards for the M1A1 Abrams battle tank. Many other complex program development tasks were also performed for defense industry and military working groups.

After completing his graduate training and becoming a licensed psychologist, in addition to providing patient treatment, Dr. Whitehead became interested in providing specialized psychological and neuropsychological evaluation services. This allowed him to bring to his work as a psychologist the same objective approach and analytical skills that he learned in the military and defense sectors.

Dr Whitehead

Dr. Whitehead provides fair, impartial, practical, common-sense, and useful reports to all types of end-users.

He is able to analyze and organize the complex issues and information that are typical in both clinical and medical-legal settings, and produce timely and useful reports.