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Psychological Evaluation San Diego

Dan Whitehead, Ph.D.
Psychological and Neuropsychological Evaluations

Dr. Whitehead has over 20 years of experience of providing professional psychological and neuropsychological evaluation services. In addition to performing services at the request of patients, other professionals, insurance companies, and attorneys, Dr. Whitehead has served as a consulting psychologist and evaluator for Social Security Disability Programs, California Department Of Rehabilitation, San Diego Superior Court, San Diego Juvenile Probation Department, and San Diego Health & Human Services Agency. He also served as a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) in psychology and neuropsychology for the California Worker's Compensation system from 1996 to 2018.

Dr. Whitehead provides:
• Fair, impartial and unbiased case analysis and assessment
• Detailed evaluation of psychological and/or neuropsychological status
• Thorough examination of complex and challenging case dynamics
• Objective scrutiny of exaggeration and malingering considerations
• Well-reasoned, thorough, timely, and easy to read reports
• Focused answers to case referral questions
• Common sense & critical thinking are always practiced

Psychological Evaluations San Diego

Psychological evaluations deal with the diagnostic assessment of psychological symptoms such as stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, mood problems, posttraumatic stress, psychosis, personality disorders and other mental health issues. Family background, childhood experiences, drug and alcohol history, relationship history, work history, behavioral patterns, medical conditions, and a variety of other life history and psychosocial factors are also explored during a psychological evaluation.

Neuropsychological evaluations, in addition to examining the same psychological factors above, can also explore cognitive abilities, intelligence, attention, concentration, memory abilities, executive functioning, general and abstract reasoning ability, visual-motor skills, speech, learning, problem solving, and even academic skills. These complex evaluations allow insight into whether or not there is objective evidence to support and categorize the effects of brain injury, disease, or trauma on the day to day functional ability of the person.

Neurological Evaluations

Psychological and/or neuropsychological evaluation results can be used to inform and assist treating doctors in patient treatment planning. Dr. Whitehead can and does perform consulting and treatment evaluations to assist other psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, nurse case managers, claims adjusters, and other doctors. This includes performing pre-surgical evaluations for orthopedic surgeons and bariatric surgeons.

Evaluations are also performed in administrative law or medical-legal settings to address referral questions required for case settlement. These evaluations are typically scheduled and managed by a combination of insurance company claims adjusters, defense attorneys, and applicant attorneys, under the special rules and regulations of that govern the medical-legal venue.